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Company Culture

Over time, we have carefully cultivated our culture to motivate and inspire people. Culture is the lifeblood of Be. 

Our culture is inclusive, supportive, fun, caring, compassionate, collaborative and respectful. We absolutely care about our clients but we care equally about our employees. 

Be is about having positive and happy people contributing to a cause that changes people’s lives for the better. When you are surrounded by like-minded people who want to make a difference in the world, that makes for a pretty awesome place to work!

Employee Benefits

Health and Wellness Calendar

We have incorporated an annual health and wellness calendar which provides a range of activities targeted at enhancing the physical and emotional wellness of our employees. Our health and wellness program is designed and run by our employees. Each of our regional offices participate in a number of social events, including fun runs, and fitness challenges and our pot luck lunches are a major hit.

Social Support

Yes, we are happy to put it out there, the work that we do (as rewarding and meaningful as it is) can be challenging at times. And our employees have told us that social support from family, supervisors and co-workers makes a real difference. Be is committed to providing social support opportunities for our teams, so that they can get together, talk, chat, debrief, get feedback, cry, laugh, whatever emotion they need to express to feel well. We actively educate our employees on how to take care of themselves and develop their own self-care strategies.

Reward and Recognition Program

Be recognises that its future success continues to depend upon the amazing work that our team members do every day, which is why we are committed to providing a work environment that promotes, recognises and rewards our team members, our most valuable asset!

Employee Assistance Program

We get it. We know that life can get crazy and sometimes it can just be good to talk to another human, who is not your spouse or work colleague or Mum, to get a little bit of extra support. Be offers employees and their immediate family members access to a free, confidential counselling service, a service that you can call on to receive some practical and professional support.

Annual Flu Vaccinations

To help protect our team members during the flu season, Be provides a free annual influenza vaccination to all team members. This is actually a must have for all team members who work in client facing roles in order to better protect our team members and the elderly community from the risk of influenza infection.


We know that balance is key to a successful career. And we will work with you to achieve that balance. Where we are able to alter work patterns, including variable start and finish times, offer job-sharing or enable working from home we will work with you to support such options.

Additional Day Off

Our salaried employees have the opportunity to take an additional day off each month to spend however they want. Whether it is making those medical or hair appointments, watching your kid at their athletics carnival or just taking some much needed “me time”; however you choose to spend it, in a world where non-one seems to have enough of this sought after commodity called time, it is gold!

Salary Packaging

One of the benefits of being a not-for-profit organisation is that employees (all employees, whether casual, PT or FT) can salary package and pay for everyday living expenses (such as mortgage, rent and household items) using pre-tax income. Depending on individual circumstances and the amount an employee chooses to package, take-home pay can be increased and tax payments reduced; now we are talking!

Private Health Insurance and Superannuation

Be have partnered with Medibank Private to provide employees and their families with discounted private health insurance premiums. In addition to the member benefits, employees receive an ongoing 5% corporate discount. Unless employees choose their own nominated fund, Be makes superannuation contributions to our default fund, SunSuper, which is a reputable industry fund.

Flare Benefits

Be has an HR platform called Flare. One of the great things about Flare is that it gives employees access to Flare Rewards where you can save on groceries, fuel, fun and more by purchasing discounted Gift Cards and Vouchers; from BCF to Woolies, to Event Cinemas we have got you covered.

Employee opportunities

Opportunities for Innovation

As a Company we are visionary and forward thinking, and we are not silly enough to think that management has the monopoly on good ideas. Hence, we introduced our Intrapreneurs program to seek ideas from our employees, and support them to create projects around their ideas, to help us maintain our innovative edge and stay ahead of the pack. Everybody wins!

Career pathways

We are an organisation which supports career pathway opportunities and we are building a culture where learning and development is encouraged and valued. We have a strong record of promoting existing employees into higher positions, and the success of these employees can be attributed to, at least in part, training that they have undertaken and skills that they have learned along the way.


Be is proud to have its own Lifeblood team, whereby all team members who choose to donate blood to Australian Red Cross Lifeblood can add their donation to Be's tally.

The Australian Red Cross group blood donation program is a social responsibility program for workmates, friends, team mates and communities who want to make a difference. It doesn't matter if there are 5 of us or 500, nothing beats the feeling of saving lives together.

Paid study leave

We offer paid study leave for our trainees and are willing to negotiate paid time off to study for employees who are undertaking their own professional development training.


Our Values

Be creative

Be visionary and forward thinking to exceed the needs of our community

Dedicated Case Managers

Be professional

Be respectful to every person and display professionalism through our actions and behaviours

Be empowered

Be empowered to carry out our work diligently and foster self-responsibility

Be giving

Be giving, genuine and caring in everything we do, hence making a valuable contribution to the community

Be leaders

Be leaders, be collaborative and supportive for your team

Interested in joining Be?

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