Volunteering opportunities

Be offers a range of rewarding volunteering opportunities and are flexible with our arrangements. Whether you can give a little or a lot of your time, we are grateful and ready to work with you.


We have a team of volunteer drivers who provide door to door transport services to escort our clients from their home to appointments, shopping centres, or special outings. As well as connecting our clients with their community, this service provides a wonderful opportunity to meet some beautiful people and make some lasting connections.

Events and outings

Be provides a wonderful array of scheduled social events for our clients to enjoy. Our Volunteers provide a great service in hosting or supporting those events by organising the activities, travelling with the clients to an event and ensuring everything runs smoothly for the day. As much as our clients enjoy these events, it is a great time and rewarding work for our volunteers also.

Community Visitors Scheme

The Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) is a social support program designed to provide friendship and companionship to clients who may be at risk of social isolation. As part of the CVS program, volunteers are required to visit their allocated CVS friend on a regular basis in order to help reduce loneliness, build meaningful social connections and contribute positively to the overall wellbeing of the client.

The CVS program is one of our most popular and rewarding volunteering opportunities, where volunteers have the option of visiting the client in their home for a cuppa, taking the client out to a café or nursery, playing a board game together or simply sharing stories and memories.

Social support

Getting old can feel like you’re disappearing. Like no one really sees you. Our social support programs are about combating the isolation that many of our older clients regularly feel. We have many social support programs available from one on one home visits under our Community Visitors Program, to group events. As well as making a significant impact on our clients mental health, these programs are a great way to make new friends and lasting connections.


Can anyone volunteer?

Aged care experience is not a requirement to volunteer with us. The most important qualities we look for in our volunteers is an alignment with our company values. If you can make people feel valued and are genuine and compassionate then you are qualified.

Research shows that volunteering can have a profound impact on your health and wellbeing. To learn more about the benefits of volunteering, read our article on ‘The Power of Volunteering’.

As a charity, we rely on the community for support in delivering the best service we can. Every minute of time given, or dollar contributed goes towards enriching the lives and restoring the independence of people in our community.


Be services are designed to bring together excellence in service delivery, world-class research, and knowledge and education. With over 32,000 registered clients, more than 200 staff and over 220 volunteers around Queensland, Be is making a significant impact on the loves of thousands of Australians.

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See the difference we have made

"There is a little saying that I try very hard to live by and that is in giving you receive"

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Kay Densmore

Volunteer Driver - North Brisbane

"Everyone was so friendly and the clients were so happy, I just knew I wanted to come back "

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Ray Scells

Social Support Volunteer Ipswich

"It keeps me young. I will be doing this role for as long as I can."

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Bronwyn Sanders

Volunteer Driver Bundaberg

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three volunteers smiling at camera
photo of a volunteer smiling at the camera
lady holding comlink puppets
three volunteers smiling at camera
photo of a volunteer smiling at the camera
lady holding comlink puppets
three volunteers smiling at camera
photo of a volunteer smiling at the camera

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