What are we measuring and why?

Our vision is to make lives the best they can be. We want to improve the quality of life of our clients, giving them independence, choice, wellbeing and a sense of connection. But how do we know we’re achieving this?

While most organisations measure their outputs, such as the number services provided, number of clients, staff and volunteers, this new outcome-driven measurement platform provides us with a deeper insight into the true value of the support services we offer, giving us the opportunity to measure what really matters.


Outputs refer to the direct services that Be provides as part of our core business. These running totals show how many home visits, community transport trips, and social support services that Be has conducted across our regions so far this financial year. With this information we can track our service delivery over time to make sure we are always providing the best range and density of services to support our clients, year round.


At Be, we care about more than just how many services we provide. The Indicator values represent just some of the things we measure to explore the deeper impact of our services on the lives and wellbeing of our clients. This measure provides us with the best information to continue to grow and improve our services. These values indicate the ways in which Be aims to exceed client expectations by providing opportunities to enrich people’s lives and build their capacity to engage and thrive in their community.


The Outcomes of our services benefit not only our clients but their families and the wider community as well. These measures are used to explore how wide our impact is and the overall benefits in terms of personal wellbeing, economic saving, and the size of the Be family across our regions and services. With this information we can demonstrate how a client-responsive, community focussed service delivery model can improve people’s lives and hopefully inspire others to join our mission of inclusivity, reablement, and community.