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March 2, 2021

Jeanette and Bob are Sunshine Coast clients receiving Home Care services with Be. Bob is living with dementia and Jeanette shares,

“Be have made such a difference to our lives. Without Be, Bob would be in a nursing home or in care. Because I just couldn’t do it without Be.”

Be visit Bob and Jeanette a couple of times a week providing domestic assistance, Allied health services and maintenance. Each week Jeanette always looks forward to seeing the familiar faces from Be and Bob’s physiotherapist. “We always know who’s coming and that’s really important for Bob,” said Jeanette.

Be supports Bob and Jeanette to live independently in their own home providing freedom, flexibility and choice to tailor their services to meet their individual goals. Jeanette said, “Be has not just made me independence but Bob too. And made such a difference to our lives.”

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